Research Topic: Atmospheric and marine transports

Research areas related to the topic: Environment & Energy

Processes of horizontal and vertical exchange in the upper ocean and lower atmosphere, including the cross-phase air-sea fluxes, determine the partitioning of heat and momentum, and impact on the distribution of chemical and biological species, particulates, droplets and oceanic bubbles. Exchanges reflect some combination of mean flows, turbulence and microscale motion through the medium as a result of a density difference or inertia.

  • Interest may centre on fluxes associated with jets, plumes or wakes, and associated trace gases, reactive chemical species, nutrients, biota or contaminants; but tracking the movements of tracers can in turn improve understanding of the boundary layers and their mixing processes.
  • Custom-written modules have been incorporated within the atmospheric and oceanic models in use in the Group, implementing mass and momentum budgets of the physical and chemical transports under study.


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